[SATLUG] ISP for Small Business with Linux

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Fri Mar 18 18:38:50 CDT 2011

> This gets brought up every so often, and people are confused by what it
> means by AT&T not supporting Linux on DSL. AT&T will not help you trouble
> shoot your network problems if your using Linux, it doesn't mean Linux will
> not work on AT&T DSL. So when you go and call customer no service and they
> start reading from their script on how to open ipconfig and ping the network
> and you tell them sorry I run Linux the conversation will most likely end
> there.  One of the others problems in the past was AT&T was shipping out DSL
> Modem as part of a home installation kit and once you received the modem you
> needed to configure it with the login information you were given when you
> signed up, the problem is that the configuration software was web based and
> written in such a manner that it required Internet Explorer to activate your
> modems.

This problem of customer "no service" for Linux is not AT&T's alone, it is 
pervasive, and extends to pretty much any service provider or manufacturer.
Just yesterday I tried to convince a Dell rep that the dvd drive on my laptop
was shot and I was entitled to a replacement according to my warranty, when 
he wanted me to go through all kinds of Windows-based troubleshooting steps.
When I told him that the laptop ran Linux, he actually demanded that I reinstall
the OS that the laptop had shipped with or he would not honor the warranty.
After calling around I finally got someone who realized that if the computer
doesn't boot from a bootable dvd there has to be something wrong with the drive,
regardless which OS is installed and he mailed me a replacement drive, problem
solved. So you have to be inventive to bypass this "no service for anything but
windows" mentality.


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