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I think it started for the DOD years ago when MS offered all DOD employees a  substantial discount on many MS products (Microsoft Home Use Program) DOD also gets deals on MS products for office use.l

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Site that follow standards should work in any modern standards compliant
browser. True you can do things certain ways that will only work on
certain browsers, but there are more than one to do them. You can do
them so that they work in all browsers and that they conform to
standards. If you can't then you should change your doctype or use
another web programming/scripting language (there are many). 

For example in xhtml the embed tag is not proper code, you use the
object tag. IE does not properly recognize the object tag. Many sites
use an xhtml doc type and then use the embed tag anyway and just will
not validate. A small variance inside the object tag will work with IE
and Firefox and others and will still validate as it is properly coded.

It is understandable that some sites are not very concerned with proper
coding or standards validation and maybe they feel all their customers,
or at least the ones they care about, use IE and that is OK. Government
sites should not be among them. Government sites should be concerned
about the accessibility of their sites by all citizens and even non
citizens, regardless of disability, web browser or operating system.

Microsoft seems to be very effective at promoting their operating system
through our government.

It could cost a lot of money to change your programming language hire
new coders or retrain old ones. It says much that if you use the user
agent changer the site works perfectly fine. So it in fact has nothing
to do with the proper functioning of the site. 

On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 00:14 -0600, MKR wrote:
> The IRS site many accountants and other tax preparer use also require IE to
> correctly function. The add-on should fix this problem and I will try
> tomorrow. Thanks.
> On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 8:34 PM, Don Davis <dondavis at reglue.org> wrote:
> > It's upsetting for 2 reasons:
> > 1) The warning is unjustified - it works fine with unaccepted browsers -
> > using the user agent switcher show that
> > 2) it's a Federa

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