[SATLUG] OT Laptop Overheating

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Fri May 6 11:38:06 CDT 2011

I suppose someone has taken it apart and cleaned out the cooling grids and
fins? Made sure the heatsink is properly seated and covered with heat
conducting grease? Cooling fans are working? Those are the obvious things
I would check first. On my old Dell I needed to run a special applications
to make the cooling fans kick in - it could be configured to start at a
temperature and run at 3 different speeds, depending on load - maybe you
can find something equivalent for the HP. I think it was called i8tools or
something like this - my memory is foggy on this one.


> Have a friend that has an HP sd7000 laptop. He has had it to two different
> places with an overheating problem. Using the Windows operating system off
> the hard disk it hits 80C in less then 5 min. Using Puppy I was able to
> use it long enough to get his files off and not shut down at about 20 min.
> Within one min. it hits 50C even loading Puppy from a usb. It happens
> faster with the charger / power supply attached. Anyone have this type of
> problem with their HP? Any ideas, like I said, it has been to two
> different places to be fixed with no luck.
> Nathan
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