[SATLUG] OT Laptop Overheating

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Sat May 7 16:22:19 CDT 2011

Update:  Started fresh this morning with out the battery, booted the laptop using the Puppy CD and a usb stick with all the files so the laptop would not use the CD/DVD drive as much when booting.  Once Puppy was up and running took out the boot CD and removed the USB stick.  Everything running in memory, no use of the hard drive.

Turned on the Temp Sensor and the CPU was already at 50C.  After 4 hours it was at 58C.  Added the battery back and the temp after 8 total hours [4 with the battery] is running about 62C.  Will let the unit run over night and see what happens.

I have a feeling that the battery is not the problem, just the CPU / motherboard and the hard drive.  I will bring it to the computer show and we can look at it there, will try and bring it to the meeting.


----- "Nathan Oxhandler" <nathan at gvtc.com> wrote:

> Tried to run without the battery under Windows.  Ran about 35 min. 
> Running a test now using Puppy so I do not have to access CD or hard
> disk.  Will let you know what happens.
> Nathan

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