[SATLUG] Ubuntu 11.4 Install

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun May 8 13:31:46 CDT 2011

This is just a report about my adventures with Ubuntu 11.4.

I had a Ubuntu 10.10 installed, but it kept nagging me about 11.4, so I 
went ahead and let it do an in place upgrade.

The install seemed to go fairly smoothly.  There were somewhere around 
1400 packages to either update, remove, or install.  I have a fairly 
fast internet connection, so it took 20 minutes or so.

It asked me what to do with my customized GRUB configuration.  I said to 
leave it alone, but it changed the configuration anyway.

When it became time to reboot, it appeared to do all the power down 
operations but hung at the [rebooting] stage.  I had to do a power down 
to get it to come up again.

As I said, it messed up my GRUB configuration, but the Ubuntu part 
booted.  It was fairly slow to boot, probably because of all the 
upgrades.  Slow is a relative term here.  It was probably about two 
minutes, but that's slow compared the my Linux From Scratch boot times 
of about 8 seconds.

The first thing it did was pop up with a message that it couldn't load 
'Unity' because of system requirements.  I don't know what it wanted, 
but the system is a 3GHz Core2-64, nVidia Corporation NV37GL (Quadro FX 
560) and Wikipedia says the same chip is used in a GeForce 7600.  I have 
3G Ram and 12G disk space free.

In any case, it came up to the standard Gnome desktop.  From there, it 
looked a lot like Ubuntu 10.10.  It kept the network configuration and 
my specific packages beyond the stock distribution were also there.  The 
files on my /home directory were not affected.

Overall, it was a decent procedure.

   -- Bruce

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