[SATLUG] Ubuntu 11.4 Install

Jonathan Kelley jonkelley at gmail.com
Sun May 8 16:54:48 CDT 2011

Well I remember once I used their update notifier to update my ubuntu system
in the breezy days and it ended up upgrading X but excluded a lot of deps,
thus crashing X after the reboot. There was no fix, because dependency loops
were made with what they did to the repo.

It was my only computer and I was on a business trip on my laptop. I was out
of business until I got to use a clients workstation to google what went
wrong, the forums were filled with complaints about this. A few weeks later
they had a fix out. I was able to bum some CD's on the road and reinstall;
but that was the last "upgrade" I've done from Ubuntu.

So I'm weary as it is.

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