[SATLUG] Time Warner Cable

Jeff Morris jeffm603 at nullmodem.org
Tue May 17 15:21:45 CDT 2011


Of course analog and digitital signals can ride the same line, they are 
simply at different carrier frequencies.

That's a bit like saying digital and analog radio signals can't occupy 
the same airspace... which would mean that you can't use a cell phone 
anywhere that there's FM radio reception... think about it. :-)

I too dislike the "oh just upgrade to our top package" mentality of 
cable companies.   I agree with Nate that what he's getting is fair for 
the money.  The problem is, if all I need is basic cable service, no 
digital, no DVR, only a handful of channels, moderate speed Internet 
like 5Mbps, and basic, local-only phone service... I'm still going to 
pay about 90% of what he's paying for the top of the line package.  And 
then I'm really not getting my money's worth.  For me it comes down to 
choice, and these days there really isn't any (in cable, Internet, 
phone, mobile phone, etc.)

But then, that's why these companies are worth billions of dollars, 
while I'm only worth about the cost of a ham sandwich. lol. ;-)

- Jeff

On 05/17/2011 03:03 PM, Jonathan Kelley wrote:
> Have to go digital? What the hell are you on now, analog? How is that
> possible? Analog signals can't ride the same line as digital. Analog cable
> only had up to 100 channels.
> What's she mean?

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