[SATLUG] Time Warner Cable

Geoff Edmonson w5omr at att.net
Wed May 18 11:13:15 CDT 2011

On 05/18/2011 09:06 AM, Steev Klimaszewski wrote:
> I'm paying a princely sum, but that's because I have Grande's 65/5(mostly to get the 5, the downspeed has never really affected me, but since I tend to scp an ubuntu installation almost daily, the previous
>   speeds I had were simply unacceptable)
> I don't even know how to really get the most out of the cable box, but
> I do most viewing online, and have no problem with not watching
> something until it's out on DVD.

With hulu.com and justin.tv and many other various sites streaming live 
tv, and sometimes (more often than not) HDtv, I don't see the need for 
having cable or satellite.

now, if I could just talk AT&T into dropping the POTS line, and leave 
the DSL...

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