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buddylee48 buddylee48 at gmail.com
Sat May 21 14:17:55 CDT 2011

Since you already have icecast I highly suggest mpd, you can ssh to the
machine and use your favorite graphical or cli media selector to change the
songs. I believe there is also a separate web app available for mpd if you
don't want to ssh but I cannot remember its name.

On May 21, 2011 2:09 PM, "Frank Huddleston" <fhuddles at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm trying to set up my own music server, and thought you(all) might
> be able to give me some good suggestions.
> I'd like to make my music files available to me via the internet (or
> local LAN), and playable on some kind of media player: currently this
> would be something like mplayer, vlc, or Clementine, running on a PC.
> So far, I have set up icecast (icecast2) to do the serving. It seems
> to work kind of like a web server for media, and it does work, but it
> expects you to connect to a URL that is a single file, and then the
> music (or whatever media) is streamed to you. I can make a directory
> full of music available as an icecast mount point, then select various
> subdirectories and files within that, but I have to select each
> individually: I can't get a "directory listing" of available music
> files. So I can select "open stream" in vlc, select or enter
> "http://myserver:8000/music/song1.mp3.m3u" and it will play that mp3
> file. After that, if I want another, I've got to specify it separately
> in another open operation.
> So I'm thinking that maybe there's a missing piece here: something
> that either runs on the server and provides a playlist or directory of
> available media, preferably searchable, or else some client that can
> interact with the icecast server to do the same thing.
> Or maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here, and there's some other
> way of serving the music that I haven't considered.
> I admit I haven't read the entire icecast manual, nor have I done an
> extensive survey of all the media serving options out there. I think I
> checked out a few prior to installing icecast, but don't remember the
> details. I will be researching this more on my own, but I figure in the
> meantime, let's see what the knowledgeable folks in the SATLUG can tell
> Thanks,
> Frank Huddleston
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