[SATLUG] Serving music

hc at lookcee.com hc at lookcee.com
Sat May 21 14:30:59 CDT 2011


    I'm trying to set up my own music server, and thought you(all) might 
be able to give me some good suggestions.
I'd like to make my music files available to me via the internet (or 
local LAN), and playable on some kind of media player: currently this 
would be something like mplayer, vlc, or Clementine, running on a PC.
   So far, I have set up  icecast (icecast2) to do the serving. It seems 
to work kind of like a web server for media, and it does work, but it 
expects you to connect to a URL that is a single file, and then the 
music (or whatever media) is streamed to you. I can make a directory 
full of music available as an icecast mount point, then select various 
subdirectories and files within that, but I have to select each 
individually: I can't get a "directory listing" of available music 
files. So I can select "open stream" in vlc, select or enter 
"http://myserver:8000/music/song1.mp3.m3u" and it will play that mp3 
file. After that, if I want another, I've got to specify it separately 
in another open operation.
   So I'm thinking that maybe there's a missing piece here: something 
that either runs on the server and provides a playlist or directory of 
available media, preferably searchable, or else some client that can 
interact with the icecast server to do the same thing.
   Or maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here, and there's some other 
way of serving the music that I haven't considered.
I admit I haven't read the entire icecast manual, nor have I done an 
extensive survey of all the media serving options out there. I think I 
checked out a few prior to installing icecast, but don't remember the 
details. I will be researching this more on my own, but I figure in the 
meantime, let's see what the knowledgeable folks in the SATLUG can tell me.


Frank Huddleston

This does not answer any of your questions. However,  about yr or so ago someone on the list mentioned  http://www.last.fm/   ..  I went there and liked it cause you can set it so it will build a library tailored to taste. The drawback is usually in 20min or so they flash a popup that asks if u still listening and if you do not respond it stops the stream. 

Recently Rhythmbox and Banshee 1.6.1 have added a link to your library stored on Last.fm and will play all night if you wish. I love having music playing while I am researching or working detail. This makes it so easy to get past the time periods where most stations streaming are blabbing same news of destruction over and over.

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