[SATLUG] Serving music

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 21 23:16:57 CDT 2011

Frank Huddleston wrote:

>    I'm trying to set up my own music server, and thought you(all) might 
>be able to give me some good suggestions.

Icecast is designed along the "radio station" model of one or more
streams of preselected content, each served to zero or more listeners.
Icecast itself is a back-end server. The content comes from various
front ends such as live audio, mp3 playlists etc. For the SATLUG demo at
the PC Show I use ices2, set to generate a random stream from a large
list of ripped music files.

I think you want the "jukebox" model where each user chooses the content
from a vast library. Have you looked at the VortexBox project?
http://vortexbox.org/ It's under very active development and may be
closer to what you want.  --Don

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