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I pay 40.99 for the top tier cable internet plan with Time Warner Cable  
month to month... and nothing more. I've found with netflix, hulu and other  
video offerings available online... who needs cable. I'll sign back up when  
it makes sense to me... but that probably wont be till all-vid adapters or  
FTTH at the least.

I would like to know if anyone is on GVTC and how their fiber offering is?  
I just moved from Syracuse to here and miss the $179.99/mo 20/20 business  
class FIOS I was on.

And yes... I would believe it very much that cable companies would inhibit  
municipalities from getting into the ISP business... too much money and  
power in that market to let it go easily. Personally I think the  
infrastructure and content should be separated like with your traditional  
phone. Don't like your carrier? call and switch and keep all the same  
equipment, just change who you pay.

Very Respectfully,
Garrett Heaton

PS Any body to freelance LAMP work? Looking for a sysadmin and/or developer  
to maintain a low volume online text based gaming site...

On , MKDavis Jr <gtmo321 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Thank you to those of you who shared your thought and insights. Time  
> Warner channel 23 is now one of the c-span that I apparently previously  
> enjoyed.

> My concern is with absence of choice in the move and the arbitrary action  
> of Time Warner. What ever I programs I had - is it not reasonable to  
> expect to keep them if they are still available?

> ISP speed - we are slower than what Country(es)? Why?

> Do I/we have options - AT&T is my other option - For the life of me, I've  
> never believed that the copper wired TELCo could deliver meaningful  
> INTERNET speed over slightly twisted pairs that was installed in my house  
> in 1978. Fiber is the answer, however AT&T appear to betting their future  
> on 'wireless'. Is it true that some is Austin, who claim to hate big  
> government is actively trying to prevent local government from getting in  
> the internet provider game for their citizens?

> Is it true that "The american consumer will tolerate anything and pay for  
> the privilege"? Egypt anyone - Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter  
> bubbles" | Video on TED.com.

> Mike

> On 05/17/2011 02:32 PM, Nate wrote:

> OT

> Is there anyone else out there who is paying a princely sum and don'ta  
> want digital box..so much for cable deregulation and "more competition".  
> I received this from Time Warner cable when I noticed that the c-span  
> channels went missing:

> I think we need a definition for 'princely sum.' I pay $125+tax for  
> 1-cable box; 1-dvr; all the channels except HBO, Showtime, etc.; home  
> phone; internet (20Mbs down, 5Mbs up). Others may consider that highway  
> robbery, but I think that is a fair price for what I get. What I don't  
> like is the two-year contract I had to agree to so that I would get that  
> price, but as long as the price is fixed there shouldn't be a problem.

> Keep in mind that if you aren't happy with your service, depending on  
> where you live, there are options - AT&T, DirecTV, Dish, Grande, etc.

> Now, if you want to talk about princely sums, lets talk about the mobile  
> telcos...

> ~Nate

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