[SATLUG] Re: OT Drupal Questions

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Sun May 29 13:15:29 CDT 2011


   You would probably get a more authoritative answer to this at the Drupal site, but in general, you will have to use
the methods at your disposal: namely, ftp and phpmyadmin (if you've even got that!).
As I remember, your general steps will be:
1. Download and unpack the new Drupal core installation.
2. Set the status of the existing installation to "unavailable"
3. Back up the existing database with phpmyadmin.
4. Use ftp to rename the existing installation: for example to "old-drupal'
5. Use ftp to copy your new drupal directory to the existing one's name. I hope you have an ftp client that can do this in one command!
6. Move your customized and modified directories from the old drupal site to the new one. These are usually in sites/all.
7. Run the update.php script.
8. Check the status report for modules, etc. that have to be updated.

I think that's the general procedure. I think they have instructions on doing this somewhere on drupal.org.

Frank H.

On to my Question!

I am using Drupal 6.2 for a site.  Its a windows server with Apache,
and I do not have access to any form of command line, and having a
difficult time wrapping my head around how to update the core from 6.2
to 6.22.


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