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Christopher Lovejoy christopher.l.lovejoy at gmail.com
Mon May 30 13:41:21 CDT 2011

Thank you Frank, that helps.

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> Rw,
>   You would probably get a more authoritative answer to this at the Drupal site, but in general, you will have to use
> the methods at your disposal: namely, ftp and phpmyadmin (if you've even got that!).
> As I remember, your general steps will be:
> 1. Download and unpack the new Drupal core installation.
> 2. Set the status of the existing installation to "unavailable"
> 3. Back up the existing database with phpmyadmin.
> 4. Use ftp to rename the existing installation: for example to "old-drupal'
> 5. Use ftp to copy your new drupal directory to the existing one's name. I hope you have an ftp client that can do this in one command!
> 6. Move your customized and modified directories from the old drupal site to the new one. These are usually in sites/all.
> 7. Run the update.php script.
> 8. Check the status report for modules, etc. that have to be updated.
> I think that's the general procedure. I think they have instructions on doing this somewhere on drupal.org.
> Frank H.
> On to my Question!
> I am using Drupal 6.2 for a site.  Its a windows server with Apache,
> and I do not have access to any form of command line, and having a
> difficult time wrapping my head around how to update the core from 6.2
> to 6.22.
> --
> -Rw


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