[SATLUG] Linux+,CCNA,Red hat, etc?

Thomas Cameron thomas.cameron at camerontech.com
Sun Nov 6 11:59:24 CST 2011

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Agreed. Go to monster.com and dice.com and search for "Red Hat,"
"RedHat," and "RHCE." See how many hits you get.

Then to do the same for "linux+." Compare the numbers to get some sense
of the value of each.

Now, to be fair - I'm totally biased in favor of Red Hat, so take this
with a grain of salt.

On 11/05/2011 09:58 PM, Thomas Weeks wrote:
> Late response.. but Linux+ is an okay starting place for a n00b.. but not 
> really a big deal on your resume.. at least not for any big Linux shop (like 
> Rackspace and others).
> Experience is always better than certs (usually).. both are best. But if 
> you're going to pick "two certs" that show you at least know a fair bit of 
> stuff.. I would say RHCE(SA) + CCNA would be a pretty well respected combo. 
> Knowing that someone can bot set up a server AND work out the networking is 
> worth a a lot.
> Tweeks
> On Wednesday, September 21, 2011 02:07:42 pm J J wrote:
>> I'm researching multiple certifications to find better employment and was
>> hoping to get some insight from some other linux enthusiasts & hopefully
>> linux professionals.
>> I've ruled out most of the microsoft certs, mostly for my dislike of the
>> whole system. A+ is mostly for hardware. I like the idea of linux+, but job
>> postings call for cisco or red hat certs mostly. Getting multiple is the
>> plan, but I need to figure out the best place to start.
>> Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
>> Js

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