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Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Thu Nov 10 12:10:05 CST 2011


That did what I wanted.

Played a little with FORECAST, TREND and GROWTH.  With no options GROWTH gave the most gain.  With option '0' TREND gave the most gain, and GROWTH was off the charts.  Will have to watch actual verses 'projected' for a while.  Now just have to read up on how to get the 'X' axis to show the Year/Month instead of 1 to N.


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> Have you tried setting the predicted data to be a separate range, such
> that one range has values for Jan-2009 to Dec-2011 with empty cells
> for
> the forecast months, and the second range has empty cells for 1/09 to
> 12/11 and values for the forecast months?
> A quick test showed that empty cells do not get graphed. If you want
> to
> connect the forecast to the actual data, just duplicate the last real
> month data (12/2011) in both the real and forecast series.
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> Price slightly higher west of the Rockies.
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