[SATLUG] Open Office Chart

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 10 12:57:47 CST 2011

Nathan Oxhandler wrote:
> Now just have to read up on how to get the 'X' axis to show
> the Year/Month instead of 1 to N.

In Calc, create a data table where Column A contains the month labels
formatted the way you want to see them. Column B contains Actual, and
Column C contains the projections. Row 1 may optionally name the columns
Month, Actual, and Projected. Select the data in all three columns as a
big rectangle and click the Chart button. In the chart dialog popup, set
your chart type (Line, etc) and then click step 2, Data Range. Make sure
First Column As Label is checked. You should now see the chart area with
the X  axis label as you desire. (It's not as easy to change the format
of the X Axis label values after the chart is created, but you can apply
effects such as angled text.)

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