[SATLUG] Computer Show / Xmas Party

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Thu Nov 10 22:18:01 CST 2011

Two items that were covered at the meeting were: 

The next computer show is December 10th, before the next meeting. This is the show we try and show off software and distributions aimed at the younger set. If you have some thing like a Santa Hat, remember to bring it. 

The December meeting, Wednesday the 14th, is our Xmas party. It is open to everyone, their better half and kids. Normally XCSSA also joins us. If someone is on their mail list, please remind them! It is 'pot luck' but if you plan to bring something and can let up know we will hopefully not have 6 types of chicken. I normally bring some slaw and potato salad. Don brings the Xmas Tree. I will bring a train to run around it. 

I will try and send out a reminder about the computer show after the 1st of the month and about the Xmas party at the same time. 


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