[SATLUG] USB microphone issue

Igor Gueths igor.gueths at rackspace.com
Fri Nov 11 17:13:19 CST 2011

Hi all,
I managed to get to the bottom of this issue after all; as it turned 
out, I was apparently on the right track as far as the EHCI frame 
scheduling issue. The main problem is that the bug, introduced around 
2.6.39 or so (maybe a bit earlier), causes hub contention when a high 
speed and full speed USB device are plugged into the same hub; this 
actually applied to me, since I had completely forgotten my in-built 
webcam is on the same hub I was trying to use for the microphone.

IN summary, plugging the microphone into one of the rear ports caused 
everything to work as expected, vs one of the side ones that I was 
previously trying to use. Just thought I'd briefly write about this in 
case someone else down the line runs into what I think is a fairly 
obscure issue.


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