[SATLUG] linux hardware compatibility push

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Wed Nov 16 10:24:37 CST 2011

So if you've ever tried to shop online for USB WiFi/bluetooth dongles
with particular chipsets, you understand my pain.

They simply don't even list them.

Sometimes they don't work with Linux (esp. broadcom chipsets).

So I'm wondering, what can we do about this?

I'm wondering if maybe we could set up a Linux hardware review system,
where the distro asks you after a while how much and how well a
particular piece of hardware works.

Anyway, I'd sure like it if I could find out what will work with
Linux before I buy.

Less importantly, I want to figure out which can be put into, say,
monitor mode (for wifi), etc.

Someone who really wanted to help Linux users everywhere would have a hard
time finding a better way, IMHO.
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