[SATLUG] I want to be a Linux SysAdmin, where do I start?

Rabie Khabouze rabie at rabie.net
Thu Nov 17 19:49:01 CST 2011

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CentOS is a good starting point, it is similar to RedHat EL. that what
most companies and government agencies use in their back-end environment.

Most of their hosted applications are Perl/Python/PHP and SQL based
(again the database can be hosted in a VM windows servers.)

You have to have strong scripting skills that will make your life/job
easier, I know now the Linux community is focusing on the UI part of the
system but you might be managing machines that has no X running for
performance purposes.

as far as CS Degree, it will help you to understand why things are
running the way they are running, it will give you the academic
background which sometimes helps to analyze things.
Operating systems as a class is all about CPU scheduling mechanisms,
Memory Management, Signals etc. Unix and Computer security might give
you visibility on the type of vulnerabilities that exist out there and
way to protect the system from malicious known attacks. (brute force,
buffer overflow, etc..)

to answer your last question, I would go with CentOS and Debian. Centos
for Enterprise Env. and Debian for Academic Research (Simulations etc)...

Good luck.

On 11/17/2011 07:26 PM, Rusel M wrote:
> Hi, this is my first time hearing about SATLUG and I am planning to
attend the next meeting on the 14th! I have a quick question related to
Linux system administration:
> I am currently going to Palo Alto Community College for my AS in
Computer Science. As of a year ago, Linux is my passion, and I have
since switched my focus onto becoming a linux system admin. I currently
have CrunchBang linux (Debian based) on my Laptop, but since I hear that
most businesses are Red Hat based, I have CentOS installed on a Virtual
Machine, and have beenlearning that for the past few days. What is the
main distro I should study to become a system admin? Is a CS degree
going to help with getting a job as a sysadmin? --
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