[SATLUG] Idea for computer shows

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Sun Nov 27 11:09:11 CST 2011

We are always looking for ways to get people to stop by our booth at the computer shows. Here is one idea if we can find some people to head it up. Don and I are the 'regulars' that setup, 'run' and tear down the booth. Bruce has a lot on his plate and helps out when he is there. If there are at least 3 people involved there will normally be two that will be able to be at each show. 

The group puts together a 15 min. overview of 'Linux From Scratch'. It can be done as an Impress presentation and/or a 'Live' demo showing what one needs to build their own Linux. After the presentation you could then go into detail for the people that want more information. A single 8.5 x 11 'hand out' could be put together with the information on SATLUG, Linux From Scratch, and other relevant information. 

We can then put information on the PCShows web site in the 'Our Vendors and Specials' to let people know to stop by and visit. We could also put it on the SATLUG web site and put it out to other sites like Distrowatch. 

If this works out to our advantage we could the add additional 'overviews' say 'Build your own SATLUG Puppy using Woof' or 'Making Debian / Fedora / [insert other here] do what Your want' and alternate them at the start of each hour. 

The time frame for this would be the March 31st computer show so there would be time to 'test run' it at one of the meetings. 


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