[SATLUG] Idea for computer shows

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 11:31:07 CST 2011

Nathan Oxhandler wrote:
> We are always looking for ways to get people to stop by our booth at
> the computer shows. Here is one idea if we can find some people to
> head it up. Don and I are the 'regulars' that setup, 'run' and tear
> down the booth. Bruce has a lot on his plate and helps out when he is
> there. If there are at least 3 people involved there will normally be
> two that will be able to be at each show.
> The group puts together a 15 min. overview of 'Linux From Scratch'.
> It can be done as an Impress presentation and/or a 'Live' demo
> showing what one needs to build their own Linux. After the
> presentation you could then go into detail for the people that want
> more information. A single 8.5 x 11 'hand out' could be put together
> with the information on SATLUG, Linux From Scratch, and other
> relevant information.
> We can then put information on the PCShows web site in the 'Our
> Vendors and Specials' to let people know to stop by and visit. We
> could also put it on the SATLUG web site and put it out to other
> sites like Distrowatch.
> If this works out to our advantage we could the add additional
> 'overviews' say 'Build your own SATLUG Puppy using Woof' or 'Making
> Debian / Fedora / [insert other here] do what Your want' and
> alternate them at the start of each hour.
> The time frame for this would be the March 31st computer show so
> there would be time to 'test run' it at one of the meetings.

I'll see if I can put something together.  We're pretty busy right now 
updating BLFS, but I'll see if I can get something for you by the 
January meeting.

   -- Bruce

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