[SATLUG] someone asked about gimp

Eli D. Cantu satlug at then7.org
Fri Oct 7 21:53:11 CDT 2011

didn't have time to respond to the question about learning the gimp, just
now answering.

i'm pretty good at the gimp, a master at photoshop, but gimp is quick to
install on any platform, so I tend to use gimp more often.

but here's the answer that I thought was obvious, and maybe someone already
posted it, but seriously, in a word


you can read through a tomb on changing your brake pads, but why not WATCH
someone change their brake pads, while they explain it, sometimes even on
the very model of car you own.

1. go to youtube
2. search for:  gimp tutorial beginner (or some other relevant combination
of search terms)
3. ?
4. profit!


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