[SATLUG] Off topic - hard drives

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 21:51:49 CDT 2011

David Kowis wrote:
> On 10/7/2011 10:13 AM, Michael wrote:
>> Somewhere recently, I just saw a thread of Seagate vs. WD.  Now, I
>> can't find it.  Please give me opinions on the following two
>> drives. {My Linux box just died  ;(   }

Interesting.  I have a Maxtor 6Y080M0 and a Seagate ST3250310AS on one 
system and a WDC WD3200AAKS-7 on another.

The Maxtor was installed Nov 2005.
The Seagate about Nov 2007.
The WD goes back to Apr 2009.

I've never had a bit of problem with any and I generally leave my system 
on 24/7.  smartctl shows no issues.

My wife's system dates back to Oct 2008 and it has no issues either. 
I'm not sure what type of drive she has, but it is a Dell system.

   -- Bruce

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