[SATLUG] Off topic - hard drives

Steev Klimaszewski threeway at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 12:37:28 CDT 2011

Not discounting anything previously said, but if you take apart most
usb drives, you will see that they are simply usb->sata bridges.  So
the internal drives are just various sata drives.  I've never really
had any issues with any particular manufacturer, although most times I
get seagate simply because they have been cheaper.  There is also the
whole green/black/whatever of WD, I'd go with a black (if that's the
one that's highest speed) for my laptop, except that the battery
already only lasts for ~1 hour (it's a i7 quad core, and when
compiling in a vm, it drains the battery like you wouldn't believe (I
only give the vm 6 cores)

I have been considering going to an SSD since I mostly just buy
whatever SATA drive I want and slap it into an external case.  Same
concept as a passport, except more DIY.

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