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Tue Oct 11 14:17:59 CDT 2011

I have both on a linux and Free BSD Box, the Seagate Barracuda seems to 
perform better, I got WD just for bigger storage.

Now the External WD has a very poor made SATA to USB PCB, the usb 
connector broke fast (not a human error), I thought they just put glue 
on it, but the 3 years warranty covers it.

I read the following thread online reviewing both drives (it might 
interest you )



Rabie K

On Tue, 11 Oct 2011 13:39:27 -0500, Don Wright wrote:
> Michael wrote:
>>Somewhere recently, I just saw a thread of Seagate vs. WD.  Now, I 
>> can't
>>find it.  Please give me opinions on the following two drives. {My 
>> Linux
>>box just died  ;(   }
> For me, the most reliable drive is the one you can lose and not 
> notice.
> That means RAID, LVM mirroring, and/or another of the 
> high-availability
> techniques. Add in *tested* backups, archived previous 
> configurations,
> and enough spares to rebuild or substitute for any failures and 
> you're
> as close to Murphy-proof as humanly possible. (Don't forget the human 
> is
> also a failure-prone component.)
> Reliability is a practice, not a product. Big shops follow these
> practices because they can quantify the costs of prevention versus
> intervention. Home users should adopt as many as feasible because
> 'spare' time is really hard to buy.
> --
> Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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