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On Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 09:45:23PM -0500, Bryan Beicker wrote:
> Desktop systems from just a year or two ago can easily idle above 100 
> watts.  My current desktop (i5 2500K, WD Green 2TB, Seasonic 80+) idles 
> in the mid 20's.
> Buy yourself one of those in-expensive "Kill-A-Watt" devices and start 
> measuring your components yourself.  You may have a lot of low-hanging 
> fruit to prune.

For those of us in CA above 1000 kWHr/mo like me, they're probably in
the $0.48/kWHr bracket - which places a server at $100/mo, and a
desktop about $60/mo (actually right now it's much less, but still
many times higher than the $0.05/kWHr I paid in SATX).  Obviously this
is a lot of money - and bad for the environment.

I'd love for my mythbuntu box to go to sleep but I can't even find the
control in XFCE; it is on a lot and not really a server.  Anyway, I
would love a writeup on this information.  My systems just don't go to
sleep.  GNOME has a panel for it, but sometimes things don't wake up
properly - e.g. the nVidia card won't turn on after I hit a key to
wake the system up :-(

If anyone is ever interested in writing something on this I'm pretty
sure you could get it in the Linux Journal or something easily, since
there isn't a nexus of info on this.  Plus you're like saving the
world, or something :-) come up with a way to save a lot of power,
present your findings at an environmental conference and get crazy
laid by green chicks. :-P

Lately I've been investigating PSUs and such - turns out that for a
given efficiency rating (PLUS80 means over 80%), the BIGGER the PSU,
the more efficient it is - as you near the max load, the efficiency
reaches its minimum.  With my power bills soaring, it would be worth
upgrading equipment to lower it, IMHO... TCO and all that.

(And THIS is why you shouldn't subsidize fossil fuels - if people who
use it don't pay the full bill, they have no reason to optimize - and
it's a painful adjustment to have to start)
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