[SATLUG] Hard Drives 101

Arthur Hall art.hall at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 4 13:02:04 CDT 2011

A word of thanks to you all, even though you didn't have to do anything other than be available... yet.  In trying to word an e-mail to you all that would help me solve a series of  deficiencies on a donated unit for a refugee family, I talked myself through most of the problems without blowing up the PC.  Learned a lot in the process and that's the good part.

The donated Dell Optiplex GX 280 was equipped for SATA, but had no hard drive.  It had only one IDE connector and that ran the DVD.  I have no SATA drives on hand, but was able to attach an IDE HD and make it run fairly well.  The largest working drive I had left, though, is small (20GB) and the machine deserves something better.

So, here's the pitch.  Does anyone have an extra SATA hard
 drive that I can beg, borrow, or steal?  Goodwill doesn't carry them and there is little or no funding available for this computer ministry.  We have been able to equip nearly 90 refugee families through donations of equipment, time, and expertise and a lot of that came from SATLUGgers.  Many, many thanks.

While I'm in the traditional begging position, I might as well share the other current need.  I have seven PCs, lots of mice and keyboards, but only one fully-working monitor available.  Anyone care to create some extra space wherever workable-but-not-currently-being-used monitors are lurking around the house?

Again, many thanks.  The smiles of gratitude on the faces of the recipients are a great reward that I wish I could pass on to all of you.

Art Hall

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