[SATLUG] Old broken non functional pc /electronic equipment

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Write Ken Starks at the Helios Project. They have tons that don't make the grade. You'll have to pick up in Austin though.
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Fellow Satlugers,

My wife teaches at the STEM/RAM school (Science Technology Engineering
Math). This coming up week, she will be going over hardware and electronic
components. However, we only have a couple of pcs for the kids to dig into
and really see the internals of the machines. I was curious if anyone had
any used/broken/beaten/unwanted machines laying around and would love to
donate them for the kids to gain some familiarity with electronics.
Also, the school is going to compete in the Future City Competition and is
looking for donations for recycled/used items. One part of the competition
is where kids have to build a city model with house hold items such as
toilet paper tubes, Pringles cans, 3/2 liter soda bottles, etc.. If any one
has some of these items and would rather donate them instead of tossing
them, the kids would love that and help them stay competitive with other
districts around Texas. :)

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