[SATLUG] Assistive Tech for Blind User

Rabie Khabouze rabie at rabie.net
Tue Sep 13 12:38:17 CDT 2011

  I had some training back in 2004 in a Data Center in Germany on how to 
design websites for visually impaired internet users and we used Lynx 
and braille method.
but again not every website is a "Barrierefrei" website. but there is a 
project was initiated by couple of German universities and it is now 
published in Sourceforge, it might help, it's called




On 09/13/2011 12:00 PM, Howard Haradon wrote:
> Some members may recall Cheryl Holmes who used to
> post to the list from time to time.  Over the past year or
> two she has lost her sight.  I have been working with her
> to get her PC up and running and to find and install Linux
> software to help her.  So far, she is using Orca to read the
> screen, and it works fairly well.  We have tried the Gnome
> Voice Control and Vedics speech recognition without much
> success.  She is using Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome.
> Are there other programs to give her control over the cursor
> or to give control of the Gnome GUI and Firefox using the
> keyboard?  Or any blind-enabling software that might help?
> She has not yet learned braille.
> Thanks,  Howard

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