[SATLUG] Small Business Open Source Fest

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Thu Sep 15 09:34:51 CDT 2011

At the last meeting we talked about having an Open Source Fest aimed at Small Business. 

This is just my idea of a starting point and items that we need to think about if it is going to happen. 


Rackspace is a good place for our meetings, but would probably not work for the Fest. At least two people have said they will talk to Junior Colleges that would probably work out better for attendees getting in and out with minimum hassle. 

Real World: 

We need to find existing Small Business people that currently use Open Source software no matter what operating system they use. We need them to talk about both the good and the bad they have run into. 

We need people to help run the Fest. We need people to do Presentations. 

We need proper publicity. We need a contact at the Small Business Administration. We need contacts with ALL the local Chamber of Commerce’s. We need contacts at all the local news media: print, radio, TV, web. 

It will take about 4 months to put the Fest together, this puts us in the February time frame. 


Opening session 


Break room for people to just chat 

Closing Open Source Forum for attendees to ask about items that we did not cover or they need further explanation to understand 


What is Open Source, Shareware, Freeware, and what it is not 

Open Source Office packages 

Open Source Accounting packages 

Open Source Point of Sale packages 

Open Source Publishing packages 

Open Source CAD packages 

Open Source Project Management packages 

Open Source Web Site related packages [Jon at Rackspace believes he can get this area covered] 

Open Source Security, Anti-Virus, Firewall, and related packages 

Open Source VPN packages 

Visualization: What is it, what it can and can not do 

WINE: What it takes to get that package you just have to have to run under LINUX 

Hardware for use with Open Source Software 

What is SATLUG and what we can do to help you 


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