[SATLUG] Small Business Open Source Fest

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Wed Sep 21 12:28:16 CDT 2011

Since my posting I have received only three replies. One offering a place to have the fest, one from a person willing to give a talk, and one other.

If we are serious about putting on the Fest we need a lot more people to help.

This can not be the informal type of Fest's we have had in the past, we are dealing with business people that expect professionalism.  This does not mean suite an tie, but it does mean having a reasonable choice of topics and a true registration, both preregistration and at the Fest.  It also means not throwing everything together at the last day, but having a well laid out timetable that can be on the web for people to look at at least one month before the Fest.


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