[SATLUG] Monitor Connections 101 Update Number Two

Arthur Hall art.hall at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 27 22:44:31 CDT 2011

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From: David Kowis <dkowis at shlrm.org>
Subject: Re: [SATLUG] Monitor Connections 101 Update
To: satlug at satlug.org
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 3:34 PM
 then it's a second X screen. That's my suspicion anyway, when
one cannot move a window, but the cursor will move. You should have
two displays. you might be able to use a terminal and do something like:

export DISPLAY=:1

(or any other application)

And it should show up on the other X Display.

Usually, though, second X Screens have to be explicitly configured.
Now-a-days things are done with xrandr instead.


SATLUG Superheroes,
Well, there is hope after all.  After using the right function keys and trying the dragging process again, I was able to see the right edge of the window.  It appeared bit by bit and finally emerged in full.  I began to feel a little like a novice magician, but without a rabbit to display for my efforts.  I'll work with it again when I have more time and less frustration to deal with.  Wasn't able to start the video playback by manipulating the image on the HDTV, but maybe that will work itself out as I play with it more.  Now, if I could only get it to show the same image on each screen....  Thanks again folks.  You've always come through for me.

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