[SATLUG] HELP! Linux Mint install - fixing GRUB

Steev Klimaszewski threeway at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 16:33:49 CDT 2012

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 1:39 PM, Maurice Fox <mauricejfox at gmail.com> wrote:
> As part of reforming my existing Windows XP system, I installed Linux Mint, using a DVD made by downloading.  This was trying for dual boot, so I could make sure I got everything essential off the XP system..  The first install crashed, probably because of too much impatience on my part or too much keyboard activity.  So after licking my wounds a while, I tried again.  This time, the install seemed to go smoothly, as I kept my fingers off the keyboard as much as possible and didn't get impatient.  I had to do manual disk partitioning, but the prompts were pretty clear, plus I've done various flavors of fdisk in other environments.  I ended up with this:
> /dev/sda
> /dev/sda1 FAT32 (something that belongs to XP, dunno what.  Very small)
> /dev/sda2 NTFS (recovery partition for XP)
> /dev/sdb
> /dev/sdb1 NTFS (main XP)
> /dev/sdb5 etx4 journaled (supposed to be Mint's / system)
> /dev/sdb6 swap
> Boot loader: /dev/sda
> When everything ran to completion, it instructed me to remove the DVD, close the drive, and press Enter.  I did so, anticipating a nice dual boot menu.  Instead, I got
> error: no such device 7c8bf181 etc, etc, and
> grub rescue
> grub rescue is NOT a marvel of user-friendly, shall we say?
> I got some GRUB documentation with my Mac.  It gave me a bunch of nifty details, but did not answer they basic question:  How to get the darn thing to work?
> When I restart using the CD, I try sudo update-grub, plus a bunch of other stuff like chroot, frisk -l, and so on.  No joy.
> When I do ls /dev, I get
> sda
> sda1
> sda2
> sdb
> sdc, etc
> NOTE:  No sdb1, sdb5, sdb6
> So that's where I am.  No real linux, no Windows XP.  Sure would appreciate some step-by step instructions on how to fix this, or a pointer to such a thing.
> Thanks,
> Maurice
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Out of curiosity, is your motherboard using UEFI or the older more
standard BIOS interface?  GRUB sometimes has issues with UEFI,
especially if it's an older version of GRUB. (If memory serves, you
need GRUB2 or GRUB with patches for it to work with UEFI)

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