[SATLUG] Unix course

Bill Peterson william.peterson at technow.com
Sat Apr 28 16:08:23 CDT 2012


I know this may not be the forum for this type of email,and if so you can ban me but I thought I'd give it a try.

We are offering a 'Intro to Unix' course at TechNow 5/7-5/11.  We have created a course that is not designed for experienced CLI folks, but in my experience I am noticing that we are being too guiized and some may have been so aclamated  to a desktop, that you either haven't utilized cli, or just not comfortable with it. 

We teach command line unix. You will get your choice of unix to learn on as our class is not unix specific.  If you want ubunutu, centos, or even solaris you got it(we teach on vm's you can even get them all if you want).  You will learn over 100 commands, special characters to the shell(metacharacters),  vi, regular expressions, etc...

TechNow aims for your company.  We do not cater to individuals(not that we won't allow you into the class), but the cost of the course is like any other you would take at a company that specializes in teaching many vendor courses.

Please visit http://technow.com if you are interested, send an information request or call and 1 of our sales folks will answer any questions you have.

Of course, you can reply to me, and I can give you an honest opinion whether you will get value out taking this course.


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