[SATLUG] Computer Show

Geoff w5omr at att.net
Sun Aug 5 12:17:35 CDT 2012

On 08/04/2012 12:24 AM, D AOL wrote:
> I appreciate the help. I really do want a Desktop for the power but I worry about not connecting the computer correctly.

The way the plugs are modularized, it's pretty hard to hook one up 

Even the CPU is key'ed, so it can be installed properly.  The physical 
PC board that the actual RAM chips are installed on, only fits the 
sockets on the motherboard one way.

As a bonus, when you buy all the parts brand new, the manuals show 
exactly how things are connected, and where they connect to.

Get the parts, slap it together, boot off your LiveCD and install your 
favorite flavor of Linux and be a happy little penguin! ;-)


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