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Sun Aug 12 13:25:31 CDT 2012

Maybe lets clarify what you really want. Do you want a file server or do
you want to share a common partition for holding files on a dual booting
machine? If you have a file server there is absolutely no reason to dual
boot and the format type doesn't matter at all to the clients as they will
be mounting an NFS share being oblivious to the format type.

However if you are sharing a common partition for a dual booting machine
then just use FAT or NTFS, they both work and you honestly wont notice a

On Aug 11, 2012 9:01 PM, "Joe" <null.div.zero at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,  I have a system with a single disk as the primary boot device and a
> raid 5 .  I want to dual boot windows and debian (both serving the same
> function,  a file server)  so I need a good file system that both windows
> and Linux can support.  I'm thinking exFat.  But,  I like ext3 or 4 ( for
> it file size support and fragmentation resistance) , but I wonder how
> important native windows support will be.  Any thoughts?
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