[SATLUG] Re: Linux Day 2012

Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 11:24:05 CDT 2012

So I've updated the LinuxDay page based on the feedback I've gotten.


So we've got a few things that need to be narrowed down.

1) Refreshments

Site B has kindly offered to cover a keg and beverages. For the keg,
as long as you are >21 and act like an adult.

Don Davis suggested that he would like to bring a Tux Cake. If he can
commit to this that would be kewl, otherwise I will look at bringing
one since it had crossed my mind.

For other snacks my general idea was to get the following, so
volunteers to assist in grabbing these would be great:

  a) meat and cheese snack platter
  b) veggie snack platter
  c) some tortilla chips and salsa
  d) some regular chips and dips (I need to verify, I may have an
unopened jar of french onion dip at home already)
  e) small plates, napkins, cups
  f) ice (preferably in a cooler)

Since time is cutting close I'm not pushing the concept of anyone
bringing a grill.  I'll see what I can cover if there aren't
volunteers, but I'm not providing all of that out of pocket by myself.
 I think this will be fun, but ya :)

2) Any one have any other presentation ideas? Benjamin suggested he
wouldn't mind giving a short presentation, so if he is still willing
that would be nice.  I was going to do a short one as well. Anyone
else?  Anyone have any recommended short videos that we could play ?

3) Projector - Don also said he had a projector.  If he's willing to
bring it great.  Otherwise as long as I know by tomorrow I may be able
to arrange for one.

Feel free to contact me off list about this or just respond here.

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