[SATLUG] 3D printers

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 16:28:41 CDT 2012

> In "[SATLUG] 3D printers"
> Nathan Oxhandler on Thu Aug 16 07:18:07 CDT 2012 wrote:
> Does anyone have enough experience with 3D printers to do
> a presentation on them at one of the meetings?
I do not have a 3D printer, but have researched them.
I assume that the group is interested in what is being
used as part of the "current" consumer 3D fad?
At the moment, this is akin to an automated glue gun.

Things such as the following can be overviewed:
--Hacker 3D (full/partial DIY) vs. Out-of-the-box, as is
--Different kinds/types 3D printer
--Different usages of 3D printer

> Some of the questions that need to be answered:
> What are 'low, medium, and high end' printers?
Actually, better question would be "what's the intended use
of the object(s) being printed?"
Size of end object to be printed and "material" to use
somewhat determines/sets if one "must" have a
particular low/medium/high end version(s).

> What software does one need to use them?
Very open ended question akin to what OS/OS distribution
should one use. :)
The end result to be sent to the 3D printer is almost
universally in a format called gcode.

> What materials can be printed?
See kinds/types of 3d printers.

> How accurate can you print [+/- .1 inch, +/- .001 inch]?
See kinds/types of 3d printers

Due to prior commitments, I won't be able to attend
the September meeting.
I certainly would consider giving an October/November
presentation if there's interest.


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