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Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 18:04:12 CDT 2012

A few infographics / surveys related to 3D printing that might help frame the

What is 3D printing?  :

A nice infographic on "How 3D printing works :

An info graphic that gives an overview to the "low/middle/high" end
question -> 3D printing matrix:

And for the current consumer 3D market (mainly niche) pricing, there's

Usage Survey ->


On 8/28/12, Craig <sargonemail at gmail.com> wrote:
>> In "[SATLUG] 3D printers"
>> Nathan Oxhandler on Thu Aug 16 07:18:07 CDT 2012 wrote:
>> Does anyone have enough experience with 3D printers to do
>> a presentation on them at one of the meetings?
> I do not have a 3D printer, but have researched them.
> I assume that the group is interested in what is being
> used as part of the "current" consumer 3D fad?
> At the moment, this is akin to an automated glue gun.
> Things such as the following can be overviewed:
> --Hacker 3D (full/partial DIY) vs. Out-of-the-box, as is
> --Different kinds/types 3D printer
> --Different usages of 3D printer
>> Some of the questions that need to be answered:
>> What are 'low, medium, and high end' printers?
> Actually, better question would be "what's the intended use
> of the object(s) being printed?"
> Size of end object to be printed and "material" to use
> somewhat determines/sets if one "must" have a
> particular low/medium/high end version(s).
>> What software does one need to use them?
> Very open ended question akin to what OS/OS distribution
> should one use. :)
> The end result to be sent to the 3D printer is almost
> universally in a format called gcode.
>> What materials can be printed?
> See kinds/types of 3d printers.
>> How accurate can you print [+/- .1 inch, +/- .001 inch]?
> See kinds/types of 3d printers
> Due to prior commitments, I won't be able to attend
> the September meeting.
> I certainly would consider giving an October/November
> presentation if there's interest.
> Craig

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