[SATLUG] Sept 12 meeting

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 13:42:52 CDT 2012

Nathan Oxhandler wrote:
> We are still open for a presentation or topics of discussion for the September 12th meeting.
> There has been some discussion on the mail list about doing an open
source / cross platform software project. Would this be a good item to
cover? If so, items that would need to be covered include, but would not
be limited too:
> Which project or projects?
Don't know

> Who will head up the project?
Don't know

> What program language would be used?
Don't know

> How to handle 'Bug Reports'?
I can set up Trac on the SATLUG server.

> Where to host the Source code?
svn on the SATLUG server

> What happens when everyone gets tired of the project and there is no one to update / fix 'Bugs'?
That's an issue for all projects

> What is the proposed 'Time Line' from the start of the project to the first public release?
Depends on the project.

> How often to 'update'?
Releases can be too frequent.  I recommend every six months.  A new 
project may be a bit more frequent.

> How to handle the release numbering?
The current methods are major.minor.  Another way becoming a bit more 
popular is sequential: -1, -2, -3, etc.

> What 'Open Source' license to use?
GPL3 of course

   -- Bruce

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