[SATLUG] Little Vehicle

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Thu Dec 13 10:11:33 CST 2012

The guy who made, Frederick,  it is part of XCSSA. He said he got the
wheel frame from Adafruit. The wireless components were Xbee controllers
also available from Adadfruit or the Maker Shed.

The steel plate was found. The posts and some mounting boards were made
by him. The microcontrollers were proprietary. And the interface -
proprietary and looked expensive.

I've made something similar with a WRT54GL. I'd recommend it as a
soldering project for 14 and up.

If that seems too iffy, look at Maker shed, adafruit etc. for Arduino
robot kits. It might be cool to do this with a Raspberry Pi - which is
about the same in cost.

On 12/13/2012 10:03 AM, Andy wrote:
> There was a neat little, remote-controlled, tracked vehicle at the
> Christmas party.  I casually assumed that it was a clever home-brew. 
> Over night, I realized that it also could have been built from a kit. If
> so, it would be a great gift for a teen-age grandson.  So, was it pure
> home-brew, a kit, or a mixture?
> Andy Pickens

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