[SATLUG] Bunnie Huang is building a hacker's laptop

Chris Hardee shazzner at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 22:30:49 CST 2012

Jeremy alerted me to this today:

Bunnie Huang, creator of the Chumby, writer of the official book on
hacking the xbox, and all around awesome hacker dude is creating a
laptop for DIY'ers and hackers:

"Of course, a feature of a build-it-yourself laptop is that all the
design documentation is open, so others of sufficient skill and
resources can also build it. The hardware and its sub-components are
picked so as to make this the most practically open hardware laptop I
could create using state of the art technology. You can download,
without NDA, the datasheets for all the components, and key peripheral
options are available so it’s possible to build a complete firmware
from source with no opaque blobs."

Sounds awesome, looking forward to it!

Chris Hardee
San Antonio Hackerspace
10bitworks at gmail.com

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