[SATLUG] apt-get question

wdubose at texas.net wdubose at texas.net
Thu Dec 27 21:53:11 CST 2012

Quoting Don Wright <satlug at wricomp.org>:

> wdubose at texas.net wrote:
> >If
> >   $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kamalmostafa/fldigi
> >
> >Will get a package, will
> >
> >   $ sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:kamalmostafa/fldigi
> >
> >remove the repository from the source.list.d directory?
> >
> >Walt
> That's what the man page says. (Never knew such a thing existed - I
> still edit sources.list with nano.)
> BTW-- Good to hear from you. 73 to you and yours.  --Don


I really can't make heads or tails out of man apt-get.

I think it really should be 
       sudo apt-get remove ppa:kamalmostafa/fldigi
and then
       sudo apt-get autoclean ppa:kamalmostafa/fldigi or just 
      sudo apt-get autoclean

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I am also neeeding help in getting Cheese and VLC working on my box.  I can't
get them to record video.



OBTW, look at the software suite at http://www.w1hkj.com.  The big short wave
stations are experimenting with using it for (printed) news broadcast.

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