[SATLUG] Rolling your own router w/Linux (questions)

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Fri Dec 28 11:24:29 CST 2012


it's pretty much the standard concept, use hostapd app
(http://hostap.epitest.fi/hostapd/) to convert your wireless adapter to
an AP. 

it is described here :


make sure you have the following apps installed :



Another Source explaining how to set it up.


sure your NIC supports AP mode and Linux. check Madwifi, HostAP and
RT2x00 sites. 


On 2012-12-28 09:58, Alex Bartonek wrote: 

I'm running a NetGear router, it does 2.4ghz and 5ghz BGN. I have port
forwarding, MAC address filtering, reserving IP's based on MAC
addresses..nothing out of the ordinary. Even though its about a year old
I have various issues with it when it comes to XBox online gaming. I've
had to reset the router, re-enter all my config info and it works for a
while, then flakes out, rinse, repeat.
> So.... I figured I'd just
build my own router but have a few questions and need some clarification
on my thinking.
> I am assuming my system that I find will have
either by default or I upgrade, 2 gigbit NICs and a WiFi card.
> How
I will set it up (need review of people that know):
> 1. Cable modem
----> into gigabit NIC #1 in Atom based system, out on NIC #2 --->
> 2. Some servers ---> into Switch
> 3. WiFi systems (XBox
360, Wireless security system etc) ---> into WiFi card that I install
into the Atom based system.
> I understand how to accomplish #1 and
#2 but am confused on #3. All I need is a Linux compatible wireless card
and voila? I now have a wireless AP to connect to? So if I install a
Wireless AC card (USB or PCI if its out) then now my homemade "Linux
router" supports wireless AC?
> Please clarify oh smart folks of
> As always, very appreciative....
> Alex


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