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Thu Feb 16 14:00:52 CST 2012

I would use NetworkManager.

it has the dbus notification feature which tells your mail client to go 
offline when the Network is not available.

as far as not remembering passwords you might delete the files in the 
keyring folder :

under ~/.gnome2/keyrings  in case you use gdm.

or you can do a right click on network manager and choose 'edit 
connections'. then under the wireless tab select network connection and 
press edit.
Mark the checkbox that says "make available to all users" because it 
might be some permission issue.

do not install wicd, if you do so remove NetworkManager from the 
startup to not have resources conflict.

so why Network Manager is better then wicd is like I mentioned in my 
above comment about dbus notifications, and also supports VPN connection 
wicd doesn't.

have a nice day.

On 16.02.2012 12:31, Katie wrote:
> Howard -
> Thanks for the reply.
> I am not using wicd Network Manager.  I have just been using the
> 'average' or 'standard' way of connecting to wifi that comes with the
> Ubuntu distribution.  I can probably set it up (with my Linux
> abilities being the limiting factor), but I am not 100% sure why I am
> doing so/what it would gain for me.  Would the purpose of wicd just 
> be
> to do a better job at managing my connection to wifi than the default
> network manager that comes with Ubuntu?
> Is there anything special I should know about installing/using wicd?
> I'm going to set up another system to try installing and using wicd
> before switching to it on my current system - I'll let you know how 
> it
> goes.
> Thanks.
> Katie
>> Hi, all-
>> I am fairly new to using Linux, and I have a Ubuntu system (running 
>> 11.10, although I had the same problem with 10.04) that does not 
>> remember my wireless password.  Other than moving in to the office 
>> where the system is set up and re-entering the password overtime it 
>> logs off the wireless router (a wired connection is not an option), I 
>> don't know how to make it 'remember' the wireless password so it can 
>> stay logged in.  I need this to be 'up' as close to 100% of the time 
>> as possible.
>> Any advice?  Is there a Ubuntu setting that I am simply missing?  
>> Perhaps this is an issue that I am simply using the wrong terminology 
>> when I try to Google for a solution?
>> Thanks,
>> Katie--
> Are you using the Wicd Network Manager?  If so, there should be a
> Refresh button at
> the top when you bring up the GUI tool.  When you click on refresh,
> you will see all
> available WiFi nets.  Open the Properties menu for your network and 
> enter the
> pass key for your brand of encryption (hopefully WPA2).  Does any of
> this fit your
> situation?
> Howard--
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