[SATLUG] Question about Google's new privacy policy

rabie at rabie.net rabie at rabie.net
Wed Feb 22 13:20:00 CST 2012


Well, it is nothing new about it, instead of each google has its
own privacy policy, google combined them in one policy, and as far as
using your private data to generate ads, they do it already with your
emails, when you open your email, the ads generator scans your email
content and generate related ads based on the content, there is now way
to prevent that, unless you keep using your Thunderbird email

it comes down to what folks share in their email, google+,
youtube etc... if you don't want to share private stuff use a dedicated
hosting and host your own email, but again the person who is receiving
the email might not have the same thing so its content will be shared
with their email provider ( in this case google )

Here is a quote from
a BBC article about this matter that I found it interesting: 

new Privacy Policy may indeed be making important changes to what we are
revealing to it. What's needed is a serious debate about what people
want to share with such a company or with their friends or family.
Facebook for instance, trumpets the "granularity" of its privacy
controls (complexity to you or me). There is much discussion of that as
technology, but little about the complexity of the new social decisions
required of every user by the very nature of social networks. Am I
comfortable showing family pictures to my work colleagues? How much time
and energy should I devote to keeping in touch with distant
acquaintances compared to my closest friends? 
For American academic
Jeff Jarvis, the borderline between public and private is shifting -
GETTING BETTER AS A RESULT. Is he right? As we move into Google's new
world, it's time to supplement stock responses to privacy stories with
real analysis of their impact on the new society that is forming around
us. "


On 22.02.2012 11:16, cdv7 at sbcglobal.net wrote:
> Please offer your thoughts on the following:
> I am
concerned about Google's plans to change its privacy policy
> beginning
March 1^st . As I have a Google account which I have not
> used in a
while - as I prefer Thunderbird, would it be advisable to
> cancel my
Google account?
> Please respond soon, as the deadline is rapidly
> Thank you.
> ~cdv -- new user
> P.S.
> I tried to
search the Internet for more information about this but
> could not come
up with anything. However, I did hear on the radio that
> two
politicians, a Democrat from Massachusetts and a Republican from
> Texas
were jointly trying to stop this move on Google's part but
> again, on
the Internet I could not discover anything.


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