[SATLUG] Question about Google's new privacy policy

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 15:39:22 CST 2012

My approach to privacy is that there is none.  I never send anything via 
email that I would be embarrassed to see on the front page of the local 

People have to realize that the internet is public.  If you have no 
expectation of privacy, then there is no problem.  That's the reason I 
don't participate with Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or LinkedIN (was 
there, but canceled -- with some difficulty).

Even an encrypted email message is not safe.  The recipient can easily 
forward the contents without encryption.

Actually, I like Google targeting ads for me.  I almost never get an MS 
ad and I do get ads about things I'm interested in.  It saves time and 
aggravation when you don't get junk mail in things you don't care about.

Google search is an important example.  It remembers what I searched for 
and gives me related suggestions.  That's a service, not a problem.

   -- Bruce

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