[SATLUG] Question about Google's new privacy policy

Michael Endsley michael.endsley at collegeplus.org
Wed Feb 22 20:11:06 CST 2012

Privacy is something that has, for the most part, gone out the window for
many people. If I want to discuss something via gmail that I don't want
anyone but the intended party to read, I encrypt it with GnuPG. I don't
usually publish anything online that I wouldn't mind everyone knowing about
me, and if I do want to publish something of the sort, I do it by methods
that are not connected to anything else I do, or using services known to
protect privacy well/via encryption. If you don't like what Google will be
doing by roping in all of your activities together to automate
advertisements, the best response is to use another service. I use Google's
services with the full expectation that many people in the future whom I
would greatly dislike going through my content (Big Brother) may indeed
view it anyways, and that nothing I delete is really deleted. My response
is simply not to live my personal life online, and to hide any traffic or
content that might be personal or sensitive.

EFF did publish an article recently about part of this. Specifically, it
covers how to disable Google Web History before the new policy takes place.


Good luck,
- Michael

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